Hinowa LIGHTLIFT 33.17 Performance

The new Lightlift 33.17 Performance IIIS is the tallest model of Performance IIIS series

and reaches a max. working height of 32,5 m and a max. lateral outreach of 16,5 m. Extremely compact: only 5,8 m. length without basket .

The new performance jib arm with rotation angle of ± 90°, basket rotation of ± 90° and machine structure of tower boom and 3 telescopes + main boom and 2 telescopes + jib arm allow to easily overcome obstacles at height.

Basket capacity is 230 kg without any restrictions, it is wider and more comfortable, giving operators more space to work and carry tools used at high altitude.
The machine offers also negative reach capabilities.

Another great feature is the Go Home function.

This allows you to automatically return the boom to stowed position at the push of a button.

This will substantially reduce the time spent aligning the boom for descent and any possible human errors during this delicate process.

This new model offers great performances by maintaining impressive compactness:

  • Only 1,2 m width (extendable up to 1,7 m in order to increase stability during translation on slopes) and thanks to the detachable basket only 6 m long.
  • Thanks to the height of less than 2 m the machine easily passes through all standard size civil and industrial doorways. Furthermore, variable stabilization is possible: 4,6 x 5,1 m (with max. outreach) and 3,3 x 6,3 m (with limited outreach).
  • In case of reduced stabilization rotation of 360° is possible for a fast and continue work, with a lateral outreach of 10.5 metres.
Capacity platform 230kg
Max. Working height 32,60m
Max. Horizontal working outreach 16,50m
Transport length 6,50m
Transport length without basket and rotated support 5,80m
Transport height with plates installed 1,99m
Standard basket dimensions 1600x700xh.1100mm
Basket rotation 180°(+/-90°)
Max slope allowedin travel mode 16°/28,7%
Total weight 7700 kg – 7740 kg (lithium-ion)
Diesel engine Kubota D902
Electric motor 380V / 50HZ – 11kW (optional)
Max. Travel speed – diesel version 0,8 – 1,8 km/h
Lithium-ion powered 7,6 KWh
Max. Travel speed – lithium-ion version 0,7 – 1,3 km/h
Undercarriage width open/close 1200 – 1700mm
Variable stabilization area 5140x4600mm (narrow 6300x3300mm)